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Welcome to Briar Glen Farm.

We are top breeders of traditional Ragalong Ragdoll cats, Graymar Great Pyrenees dogs and registered Dorset sheep.

Our Story

We are consistent Regional and International Winners of Supreme Grand Champion Ragdolls for over 20 years. We are TICA Registered breeders of loving, healthy, guaranteed Ragdoll Kittens from traditional bloodlines. Our kittens are DNA tested and come with a 3-year health guarantee. We are experienced at shipping internationally, with many happy repeat buyers from around the world.

Marilyn worked for 10 years at the Animal Research Institute at the Central Experimental Farm in Ottawa with reknown Drs. like Dr. Jiro Nagai, a world recognized geneticist. She was also lucky enough to work with many vets under the directorship of Dr. Avery.

Marilyn won a competition to work at the Animal Diseases Research Institute in Hull, Quebec, that eventually moved to a disease free facility on Fallowfield Rd. in Ottawa. She was again fortunate to work under the Directorship of Dr. Conrad L’Ecuyer and worked with many talented vets and technicians. Marilyn learned the principles of maintaining a disease free environment and was able to use this priceless knowledge to achieve the International Winning Great Pyrenees, Ragdoll cats and in our flock of Registered Dorset Sheep.

Prior to having her wonderful children, Marilyn qualified in competition to manage the huge Greenbelt Farm on Fallowfield Road in Ottawa, which included crop management, various farm animals like sheep, swine and cattle. Marilyn is a long time member of the Canadian Association for Laboratory Animal Science.

Marilyn was also very fortunate to be working at the Animal Research Center when the first pre-sexed embryo transplant calf was born, Eugenia Carol, a Holstein calf that was born on Christmas day and dubbed Eugenia after the then Minister of Agriculture, Eugene Whelan. Marilyn was also working there when they sent a delegation of representatives to Russia to explore new sheep breeds and came back with Romanovs for the first time in Canada.

Our farm on beautiful Vancouver Island, BC, is home to many international Supreme Winning cats and multiple American and Canadian Pyrenees Champions, as well as our horses, Legacy and Cricket.

— Alan and Marilyn McCorkindale