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We not only sell puppies, but make wonderful friends with whom we love to keep in touch. Many of our clients have written us feedback or sent us photos and we would like to share them with you here. Enjoy!

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If you've purchased a puppy from us, we'd love hear your stories! Send your feedback and your best shot (we'll crop it square) to


Murphy has the most wonderful disposition you could imagine. He is the most gentle, sweet tempered dog I've ever met. He is wonderful with kids and small animals, like our cat, and from the very start seemed to understand the need to be gentle with them. Murphy's personality has earned him many admirers and it seems that he knows more people at our local coffee shop than we do. There are even a few people (who we don't even know), who bring dog treats with them when they go for coffee just in case Murphy is there so they can give him some. We just wanted you to know what a wonderful dog we ended up with. He has exceeded our expectations. Thanks very much.

Michelle and Rob

Our Pyrenee Friend

Thanks for our wonderful puppy. Wally and I have had many dogs in our lives but never one quite like this. Edison is without a doubt the smartest, strongest and most self-assured puppy we have ever had, of course that also makes him the most curious, mischievous and single-minded puppy as well!! He walks well on a leash sits on commands and already understands quite a few words like "treat" and walk and NO although he only hears that one when he wants to. We are getting quite a response from people seeing full size and pint size together, they are teaching a lot of people what a Pyr is!! Thanks for producing such great pets.

Cheryl and Wally

Our Pyrenee Friend

We were enjoying barbecued beef on our back deck this evening, when Isabella went on alert. Soon there appeared a few feet from us a very large stray Rottweiler with a very foamy mouth -- clearly rabid by this sign and by its behaviour. Isabella coralled the dog away from us and was very fierce-sounding. There are about a dozen dogs on our cul-de-sac, all of them were barking, but Isabella was the only one to actually do anything about the stray -- she continued her aggressive behaviour until the stray was high-tailing it out of the neighbourhood. Isabella chased it all the way to the end of the cul-de-sac. Our neighbour who is a policeman agreed it was rabid, and was extremely impressed by Isabella's actions, as were we. It's amazing that such a charming and attractive dog can be so courageous. She has such incredible instincts.

Kevin and Lise

Our Pyrenee Friend

Hi Marilyn,

It's the Wilkersons from Tacoma. Lucy is doing great and so are we. She is weighing in at 82 1/2 lbs at 9 months old. We spent last weekend at Pacific Beach, Washington, and the dogs had a great time. (We did too!) Thought you might enjoy this photo of Lucy. Hope you are doing great.

Tony and Casi Wilkerson

Our Pyrenee Friend

Hello Marilyn. We just got back from Kelowna. It was Diego's first vacation... he did really really well with the long drive and was a terrific boy. We were staying at my son's in Kelowna the first 5 days, so I walked him up Knox mountain plus around town etc. Here's my favorite photo. Hope all is well with you and all the dogs and cats.

Take Care,

Our Pyrenee Friend

Hello Marilyn,

Well, we've had Holly for about 2 months and there is such a change in appearance and personality. She is still very sweet and loving, but also gaining real confidence and curiosity and puppy mischief. We absolutely love this ball of fur. Here is a picture of Holly.

Talk to you later,
Maria, Jaime, Francisco, Peter... and Holly

Hi there Marilyn and Corky, I purchased a female pyrenees in October 2005. Her name is Maggie and she is so beautiful. Just wanted to let you know it is wonderful owning a pyrenees and the kids are enjoying her very much too.

Thanks so much.

Remember when I said that this would be the last puppy? Well, let us know the next time that Venus and Max breed. This last pup is phenomenal. She arrived on a Monday night. By Wednesday she had figured out the kitty door to the house. None of the others had. She is still scrambling thru to come in, but at the rate she is growing that will last about another hour and a half. By Thursday we caught her on the outside of the house, holding the kitty door open with her paw to let the cats out of the house. We fix the door when it gets dark so the cats can come in but can't go back out. By the third day she was coming from anywhere in the yard, which could be over 400 ft., in response to her name. My husband says she has eyes that could rob a bank. She insisted on going into the yard with all the llamas and goats immediately and buddies up to all. She and the pup we got in October are best friends and the older Pyrs are very sweet with her. Sooo... Dane said what the hell we can always use another dog, so let us know!


Hello Marilyn,

I wanted to let you know that Oggie is a perfect fit in our home! He is a really sweet boy. I love the little piggy noises he makes when he gives me kisses. We took him in to meet his vet and get him weighed. He weighs 23 lbs. He is getting along wonderfully with Cleo, the cat and Balou, our Leonberger. He can certainly hold his own during play time, even though Balou outweighs him by 90 lbs. Oggie will be starting a puppy kindergarten class on June 16. I don't have any pictures developed yet. As soon as I do, I will email you some!

Thank you again for meeting me at the Ferry, and thank you for your wonderful puppy. He is very much loved!!!


Our Pyrenee Friend

Hi Marilyn,

My husband and I got a puppy from you in Sept 2003. We named her Noelani (heavenly mist) after her mother Misty. Noelani is truly part of the family and has the best personality. We are interested in getting another Pyrenees. I would like to get another white female. When are you expecting another litter?

Attached is a picture of Noelani and myself as of May 2005.

I look forward to hearing from you.
Thank You,
Joyce Stabbert

Our Pyrenee Friend

Hi Marilyn,

We just resently got our email back and running and wanted to send you some pictures of Boomer. He's a big part of our family and he is very loved. Here's a picture of Boomer's first Christmas.

The Deacon's

Our Pyrenee Friend

Hello Marilyn,

Bubba had his second round of shots a couple weeks ago and the vet said he is looking good. Now that the temperatures are only going down to -20 or so, Bubba spends his time outside with Higgins. Higgins seems to like to share his house with Bubba at night. I have attached a photo from this morning showing just how well they are getting along.

Hope all is well,

Our Pyrenee Friend

Hi Marilyn!

I hope things are going well with you. Ted and I purchased a puppy from you in late 2001. Her name was Graymar Wilderness "Annie" from Dreamon Warlok of Windsor and Graymar Angel. This winter I took some photos of Annie with her sheep and I've attached one for you to see. She has been a wonderful addition to our ranch. She is diligent in keeping all birds, coyotes, and any other wildlife off our 1/2 section of land. She is very loving to Ted and I, and is wary of those humans who "don't belong". She is kind to our two cats and our four other dogs (Border Collies); although our top bitch starts a fight with her from time to time. She welcomes the sheep as part of her "charges," but our failure to keep her consistently penned with the sheep as a pup led to her not becoming as bonded with them as much as our first Pyr (we purchased from you when you were in Strathmore). As we discovered, though, lambs are safe in the field even while Annie takes naps on the deck. She has an uncanny ability to know when to stand guard and when it's O.K. to take a siesta. Anyways, I could go on and on about how much we love her. Just wanted you to know that we have a success story here with Annie. Thank you very much.

Ted & Kate Sutton
Vermilion, Alberta

Just an update on the "bad" puppies you sent us. The last three we call the dufus sisters, big dufus, middle dufus and little dufus, except little dufus is larger than big dufus. The dogs are so gorgeous but you'd never know it with ours. They are always this muddy brown color from constantly playing in the pond and rolling in the mud. The last pup, Remy Pandora, is 10 months, looks just like Andie except for the back of her mouth. She is the only dog to have a turned out gum in the back like the drooling species. She doesn't quite drool, but her face is always dirty on the sides because of the turn out. We bought two baby turkeys the other day and had their cage on the kitchen floor while cleaning their feeders. Remy came in, bacame instantly fascinated with the chirpers, laid down by the cage and growled at any of the cats that dared to wander by. She was their big protector!

Andie was 130# when she died, Sophie, the first dog, is 109#. Remy was a big puppy, and she is still growing into the largest feet I've ever seen on a Pyr. God knows what she weigh when she is fully grown. It is always such a pleasure to watch these dogs interact so gently with the other animals (except each other, of course). Hope all is going nicely with your cancer recovery.


Our Pyrenee Friend

Hi Marilyn and Corky,

We wanted to send some photos of Khuno (our now one year old female Great Pyrenees), Otok (our male three year old seal point Ragdoll) and Uknuk (our male two year old blue point Ragdoll).
We love all three of them so much and we are such a happy family - THANK YOU for everything - we will always come back to you for our animals as they are simply the BEST!

Hope you are well.
Dave and Denis.

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