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Ragalong Ragdolls

Since 1995, we have been breeders of multiple Supreme Grand Champion Ragdoll international winners. We are responsible breeders of healthy, socialized Ragalong Ragdoll kittens, raised under foot. Browse our friends for hundreds of happy ragalong ragdoll kitten owners' testimonials.

Ragalong breeds only Traditional Ragdolls which have not been outcrossed to other breeds to bring in new colors. (Outcrossing is a practice which can bring heath problems along with the new colors.)

What is a Ragdoll Cat?

A Ragdoll is a large, minimal-shedding, non-matting lovable bundle we equate to the feline equivalent of the dog. They follow you everywhere, even to the loo.

Our Cats have all been tested 3 times for FECV and are negative. They are also negative for FELV and chlamydia as well as any other contagious diseases. They are guaranteed fully for health and temperaments. Ragalong Ragdolls is founded on World Champions Bloodlines and producer of many supremes.

Ragdoll Breed Standards (PDF, 2.4 MB)

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